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  What is the Best Smart Lock of 2017?

Best Smart Lock Buying Guide

Smart locks supplement or replace traditional (deadbolt) locks, offering both security as well as flexibility. Smartlocks are usually part of a larger smart home which controls certain electronics in your house trough your smartphone.

Best Smartlock to buy in 2017

Smartphones allow you to monitor who is leaving and entering your home when you're away. There are some models which simply let you to only open and close doors. These locks have several advantages and benefits that make your home more secure and convenient. Some smartphone lock home automatically unlocks your door as you walk up, which is helpful if your hands are full. This new technology still has a very long way to go before you see a smart lock on every house as its potential is exciting.

What is a Smart Lock?

Beyond the traditional key and key hole, smart locks are electromechanical locks that enable you to perform locking and unlocking a door remotely using different wireless communication protocols and a cryptographic key. Through a smartphone application, you can communicate with, and operate the smart lock with the help of a numeric code, with a fingerprint scan, trough Wi-Fi Signals, and/or with Bluetooth. Through the app you can easily lock an open door remotely and you can also check whether the doors are open or not. Most smart locks also keep a logfile through which you can determine who has tried to access the lock at what day and what time.

What should be considered before deciding what is the best smart lock?

Here are the few things that should be taken into consideration before buying the best smart lock as per the professional review.


The prices of smart locks vary dramatically on the market. Both expensive and cheap smart lock are accessible. Between these dual price opinions, you will find a varied diversity of different choices of smart lock available on the smart lock market. Within this price point, you can find affordable smart locks that will fit any budget. One thing that should be considered is how much it will cost to upgrade the traditional lock. As it will cost more than the standard locks that you usually pick from the hardware store. But if you want a lock that you can control from anywhere, with features such as voice commands, push, email notifications, and tamper alarms, expect to pay more amount as compared to common locks. If you find yourself stuck even after going through the short guide and unable to make the right choice, you can check the reviews of the best smart lock. The customers and professional's feedback is usually a rich source of information that helps during your decision-making process.

Security Issues

If you pick a smart lock that uses key fobs, then the kids when don't have the smartphones can activate the lock. The best Wi-Fi deadbolts help you to keep the track record of the one who uses the door. There are some locks that usually track when someone uses a physical key or keypad to unlock the door, as they are particularly helpful since they give you a complete record of when visitors enter your home. Some smart locks only track users that access your home using the mobile app. Additionally, you can increase security by adding other smart home devices such as smart doorbells like Ring which help you to monitor visitors who come in when you're away from home.


Always choose the smart lock which is easy to install and are more convenient. Buy the lock that allow you modify settings such as how long to wait till the access mechanically locks itself. Similarly, choose the smart locks which send guest keys to an unlimited people as it provides more advantage over those smart locks which provide a set number. Smart locks with keypads give you the other way to predominate the lock. Don't focus too much on auto-unlock; as it mostly leaves holes in your home's security.

Installation of Smart Lock

Before buying the smart lock make sure that it is easy to install. The good news is that smartest locks use the standard pre-drilled holes so you don't have to concern about drilling new ones. Moreover, there are smart locks available that attach to the inside of your door and are designed to use your existing input cylinder and bolt hardware, which means you only have to eliminate the inner escutcheon. Also, these smart locks are convenient to install as you can be removed old lock within 10-25 minutes and help you in installing the new smart one.

Features of the Smart Lock

Features of every smart lock may vary according to its types and prices. There are many smart locks which will provide you to lock and unlock the door with a simple click on the icon. There are some smart locks which offer you to control things through the laptop and desktop. The most apps let you add as the temporary and permanent users and allows you to set the schedules for a specific time and days. Some smart lock also come up with the option of blue tooth. These Bluetooth enables you to operate the lock within the range of around 40 feet and lock which has the option of Wi-Fi are most convenient and advanced smart lock which can be controlled from almost anywhere as long as they are connected to your home router. There are some smart locks which offer the activity logs so that you can able to see who has exited and entered your home and also tell when the activity took place. The latest smart locks offer things like voice activation features. With voice activation, locking and unlocking doors is as easy as it gets; simply tell your phone to "unlock the front door," and the lock will disengage. Similarly, an auto-lock feature will have the lock inevitably involve after it has been unlocked for an exact period of time. Other features to look for include keyless touchpads for those times when you don't have your phone or your keys, tamper and forced entry alarms that warn you of a possible break-in, and push, text, and email notifications that let you know who is coming and going in real-time.

Quality of Smart Lock

There are two main things that should be considered before buying a good smart lock. These two things are quality and durability. The smart lock should be durable and is of very good quality. Quality smart locks are the first factor that must be looking for before buying. The quality of the smart locks is built to last year's as cheap smart locks will break easily and in damage of thousands of dollars if it is not taken seriously. In today's day and age, you must rely on high-quality brands in order to be secure and safe. Never compromise on the quality of smart lock as Quality ensures you that you will outlast the value you paid for it.

Warranty & Support

Always look for the smart lock which offers at least one-year of warranty, which should give you enough to time to determine if the lock works properly or not or either to replace it if necessary. The best smart locks come with simple installation manuals which are more convenient for users and also tell you where to go for help. Good manuals smart lock usually has diagrams or diagrams, a directory of phone numbers and email addresses so you know who to contact if there's a problem.

Reviews of the Top Five Smart Locks in 2017

There are the variety of smart locks that are available in the market as per the requirement. The best smart locks satisfy all the requirements such as price, quality, cost and warranty. Following are the best smart locks are mention with respect to the reviews and professional opinions.

1. August Smart Lock

August smart lock are one of the best smart locks as they are battery operated. You don't need wire to connect this august smart lock. When the batteries need replacing they will give notification through the installed august app. These smart are easy to install and has highly secure Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB) syncs the lock to your smartphone. These august smart locks are comparatively expensive as compared to other but they are the perfect example of getting what you actually paid for. This smart lock is completely keyless and through its app, you can easily track and monitor who is coming and going through notifications. This lock can easily fit in the existing deadbolt and installation isn't big deal as it can install in lesser time. The August Smart Lock is easy to install, easy to use, and totally keyless. This smart lock come up with the best design and work via Bluetooth as it the solid execution of the smart wireless door lock concept.

Salient features of August Smart Lock

Following are the salient features of August smart lock:
  • Secure providing keyless access to your home with Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Easy to install as it can replace your existing deadbolt without major changes
  • You can control through the app, who has access to your home and manage how long their access lasts.
  • It is powered by batteries means it's always on. When the battery end it'll give you notification through the app install in a There are the variety of smart locks that are available in the market as per the requirement. The best smart locks satisfy all the requirements such as price, quality and cost smartphone.
  • Easy installation: There are numerous installation videos available to help you to install August Smart Lock.


  • Easy to install
  • Convenient access control and remote management through app
  • You can control lock by Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi


  • It doesn't have backup key
  • Costly as compared to other
  • More money is required for the Wi-Fi bridge to control it remotely.


Kwikset's Kevo is the first smart lock that is available in the market and still, it's one of the favorite smart locks as per the reviews. It’s touch to unlock features help you to use it easily. This smart lock can easily be operated with the smartphone. One touch can unlock the lock. The lock is mainly operated through the Bluetooth which identify your identity via Bluetooth and can be easily accessed through a home. You can unlock the kevo app or standard key. Tapping the lock after being identified is simple and it help to eliminate a lot of fumbling around your phone. It offers the easy installation of the smart lock. Kevo has the hub which is called kevo plus, this hub connects the device to the internet and give you online access to all its features no matter where you are. Without the Plus, you need to be in Bluetooth range in order to control your lock, so this adds a lot of conveniences and also it gives you an unlimited number of e-keys.But instead of the simple tap activation to unlock the door, you'll need to use the smartphone app or key in a code to unlock the door.

Salient features of KWIKSET KEVO SMART LOCK

  • Following are the salient features of KWIKSET KEVO SMART LOCK
  • Operated with the Bluetooth and app through the smartphone.
  • Send notification to monitor the lock history.
  • Works with select iOS and Android devices
  • Installation videos are available along with product pictures and Installation under Technical Specification section for further information.
  • Fits standard doors (1-3/4 inch); please check your door measurements prior to purchase.
  • Pros

  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • It can be operated with Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi
  • Can be used old fashioned key for backup
  • Come up with a lot of security features
  • Elegant in design
  • Cons

  • It is costlier as compared to other smartlocks
  • It is not compatible with many other android devices

3. Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

This smart lock is the best smart lock as it accompanies with the touchscreen features. This smart lock allows you to operate it. There are the variety of smart locks that are available in the market as per the requirement. The best smart locks satisfy all the requirements such as price, quality, cost smartphone to unlock and lock the door. It come-up with the alarm and siren features as well. When someone tries to unlock the door forcefully, Schlage will emit a siren which gives warning to the intruder. This smart lock come up with the highest security rating. This Schlage smart lock delivered the highest level of durability and security at the main points of entry. This smart lock has a Fingerprint-resistant touchscreen which protects against fingerprints and stains and ensures you to attire patterns which remain undetectable. It can be operated anywhere through the smartphone or web features.

Salient features of Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

Following are Salient features of Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt:
  • Featured with the touch Screen keypad, lock cylinder on exterior and thumb turn interior.
  • Stores up to 30 personalized user codes at a time.
  • Built-in alarm and siren to warn any intruder.
  • Z-wave technology connects to your home automation system and lets you lock or unlock your door remotely through smartphone and the web.
  • It can be operated through the battery and easy to installed.
  • It has ANSI Grade 1 Highest Residential Security.
  • Durable Resistive Touchscreen with matte finish to protect against fingerprints and stains.
  • Pros

  • Come-up with a lot of security features
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Affordable and cheap as compared to smart lock.
  • It has a lot of compatible add-ons available
  • Cons

  • It doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi for universal access
  • The Wi-Fi Bridge costs extra amount
  • It is operated with the battery which hardly lasts for six months.

    OKIDOKEYS smart lock is the easy way to lock and unlock your door. It makes your phone as a key to unlock and lock and helps you to say goodbye to the expensive and hassle of losing your keys. These smart locks are easy to install and easy to use. The OKIDOKEYS Smart-Lock provides a secure, modest and practical way to access through your home, using any Bluetooth enabled smartphone and through the free OKIDOKEYS app available for iOS and Android devices but if you don't have a phone then it will work the corresponding portal. This smart lock comes up with features of hands-free mode. Like other devices, you can turn on the notification to get know who is enter or leaves. It also has the alarm or siren features that help you know when someone forcefully locks and unlocks the door. Moreover, add-on devices can be used to open the large gates, open garage doors etc. Salient features of OKIDOKEYS Classic SMART-LOCK Following are the salient features of OKIDOKEYS Classic SMART-LOCK

  • Easy to install as no drilling, no wiring is required and it can work with ANSI Grade1 or 2 Single Cylinder deadbolt.
  • Though Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone you can easily lock & unlock your home door compatible with iOS or Android 4.3
  • Create, share, revoke keys for family and friends, and also define different time-shifts adapted to each user
  • It is easy to use and come up with the hand's free mode to unlock your door
  • You can receive notifications when your door is unlocked
  • Pros
  • Easy to install
  • You can unlock the door through smartphone
  • Can be controlled through the Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi
  • Contain a lot of add-on features.
  • Cons
  • Its operation is noisy
  • Costly as compared to another smart lock
  • It will charge more if you want more than the basic package such as extra fobs, a smart reader, and others.
  • Hands-free mode needs to be turned on every time you want to use it.
  • 5. LockState LS-6i Cloud Controlled Wi-Fi Commercial Lever LOCK LockState LS-6i Cloud Controlled lock seemed to be the old fashioned lock but it has all the qualities and featured that latest smart lock have. This lock is durable, high-quality and accompanies with the weather-proof Wi-Fi which enables you to lock and unlock the door remotely. This smart lock is basically operated manually and also with the smartphone. It keeps you updated who unlock and lock the door. Property owners can receive the alert when codes are used and also it gives the temporary codes. The internet controlled lock is perfect for the rental property, office building, and home. There is the bit of DIY installation involved but it is designed to be straightforward for the average user. If you don't have the smartphone, then you can easily open the door through the keypads. When codes are used, you'll get a notification. The Remote Lock isn't cheap but the code feature is a nice one, especially if you'll be granting access to those who don't carry smartphones (or leave your home without your own smartphone in tow). Salient features of Lock State LS-6i Cloud Controlled Wi-Fi Commercial Lever LOCK Following are the Salient features of Lock State LS-6i Cloud Controlled Wi-Fi Commercial Lever LOCK
  • It connects directly to current Wi-Fi set-up
  • View access events in real time from online portal
  • Add or delete users and lock or unlock your door remotely
  • Give notification who enters and leave the home
  • Smart lock is perfect for the home and office building
  • Pros
  • Keypad offers another unlocking method
  • Come up with the Wi-Fi option
  • App allows for lots of access configurations
  • It has a good design gesture
  • Display on the lock
  • Cons
  • Prices are on high side as compared to other devices
  • Only has a Wi-Fi- connectivity
  • Take more time for installation as the installation is challenging.
  • Conclusion: the best Smartlock

    The top three smart lock have the following three qualities which are security, compatibility, durability, versatility and automation.
    August smart lock is one of the best smart locks currently available. These august smart lock is operated through the battery and enables to control the door through the smart app and Bluetooth. Schlage is the other best smart lock which is the most secure and the best mobile app as per the reviews. this smart lock also works on the battery and work only on iOS devices. While the OKIDOKEY is the best option for retrofit installation. This smart lock works on the Bluetooth and Z-Wave and allows you to operate door through the smart app. Kwikset Kevo is one of the favorite smart locks as per the reviews. It's touch to unlock features help you to use it easily. This smart lock can easily be operated with the smartphone. One touch can unlock the lock. Through the above discussion, it is clear that there are different types of smart lock available in the market and also it depends on the security and usage. Also, you have to make sure that how much money you would like to spend on your security and comfort.

    August Smart Lock http://august.com/
    Kwikset Kevo Smart lock https://www.kwikset.com/
    Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt http://www.schlage.com/en/home.html
    OKIDOKEYS Classic SMART-LOCK http://www.schlage.com/en/home.html
    LockState LS-6i Cloud Controlled Wi-Fi Commercial Lever LOCK https://lockstate.com/

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